Artists Application ends 30. October

9.-15. December
@Heldeke (
Tallinn, Estonia

A Fringe-styled festival. .. We acknowledge the Fringe ethos, however this is a curated festival due to restrictions in the size of our theatre, finances and organisational capacity. This is a one-theatre Fringe-styled Festival.
This will be the second edition of the festival, previously held at the same time in 2016 in a dodgy warehouse. This time we have an actual warm theatre space.

This years festival runs from 9. – 15. December 2018 (Same time as Talveöö, an established and popular Estonian Theatre Festival)

What kind of shows are we looking for? All kinds

More importantly, shows with the following will have a better chance of selection
+ Low tech requirements
+ Quick setup and pulldown times
+ Show time of 30 to 60mins
+ Shows who are okay setting up/pulling down quickly
+ Applications that write ”Moo moo” in the anything extra box at the end of the application

What do we offer?
+ Advertising of your show under the fringe festival brand ”Boom Chika Wau Wau”
+ Online ticketing of your show
+ On the door ticketing of your show (cash and cards)
+ A technican who can do simple sound cues and very basic light changes.

Stage Size (see for pics)

+ 80% of net ticket sales (all setup, transaction fees, staff costs, associated with ticketing are covered within the 20%)
* Our ticketing will have to include Estonian sales tax, which is 20%
So if your ticket price is 10€, then the net sale price is 8.33€ (10 / 1.2) You will receive 80% of this amount.
Which is 6.66€

+ Payment of ticket sales within 1 day of final show, when provided with tax invoice

Unfortunately we can’t provide any financial assistance for travel, accommodation or other costs
We can provide you with an official invitation to the festival if selected, to help with other applications for financial assistance

Selected shows will be notified by 31. October